Cambridge Village aims to offer you the very best residential experience in every possible way and that includes food. We believe our menu is the best you’ll find in any 65+ community. Rather than doing things the old way, we’re pushing new ideas and focusing on quality ahead of anything else. Here’s why our menu beats the rest.

Choose Your Meals and Avoid Culinary Boredom

Many residential facilities offer food service where meals are prepared ahead of time and diners receive a choice of two options per meal.  As you can imagine, this can become boring and repetitive very quickly. It’s also nearly impossible to get the quality many people would like and should expect. Here at Cambridge Village of Wilmington, every plate is prepared restaurant style which means it is made to order.  You will really enjoy a dining experience where you can choose from a four-page menu and with our daily specials, you will also have 20 new lunch and 20 new dinner selections every month! The choice is always yours.

A Wide Range of Dishes that Change with the Seasons

To ensure you get the best possible restaurant experience at Cambridge Village of Wilmington, we change our offering seasonally. The options we present are created based on the time of year and prepared by Chef Charlie Blake and his experienced team. Our wide range of dishes encompass everything from Chicken Piccata to Island Chicken and Shrimp and our Thursday Theme Night!  With our outstanding culinary team, it is our goal to always have something on the menu that will delight you.

Freshly Made Food

All of the food we serve is freshly prepared by our chefs, so you can rest assured that our offering is of the highest quality. Residents have every right to expect food that’s fresh and tasty, and we take our commitment to meeting expectations to heart. The dishes we serve are freshly prepared with the best ingredients.

Cuisines From Around the World

We’re proud to serve a range of dishes that display a range of cuisines from around the world. We know that our residents often want variety and something new and you’ll certainly have the option to experience that here at Cambridge Village. It’s our resort-style offering that affords you far more options than you would get from any food service offering.  

Healthy Options Are Always Available

Staying fit and healthy is a top priority at Cambridge Village and that’s why we’re sure to offer a range of healthy options on our menu. We have low sodium and low-calorie options for meat lovers and vegetarian cravers.  Our delicious Mixed Berry Salad with a protein or without is a great example of one of super food combination. There are more than a few options! Once you become a resident, you will discover them for yourself.

You won’t be let down by the range of options you find on the menu.  Here at Cambridge Village of Wilmington, we’re fully committed to offering our residents the very best, day after day with healthy options.  Adding new and exciting selections keeps everyone enthusiastic about dining in all of our venues. So, whether you are dining at The Village Restaurant, The Village Pub, The Café or The Eatery, our goal is always to create satisfying dining experiences.