Adjusting to life in a retirement community has never been easier than it is today due to the changes the retirement industry has experienced over the last ten years. Retirement community living used to mean easy access to healthcare services but big sacrifices on the personal side. Today’s retirement communities offer luxury, adventure, and the assistance that makes life easier during your golden years.

Now, adjustment to community living simply requires enjoying the amenities available and making your new home as comforting and familiar as your old home. Here are some tips and tricks for an easy transition.

Participate in activities and social events

The best retirement communities are designed to fill your time with interesting educational, social, and recreational activities, but they’re only fun if you take advantage and attend. Just a few of the kinds of events you might like include:

  • game nights with other residents
  • Singles AND couples nights out!
  • educational presentations and demonstrations
  • outings to local events, shopping centers, and movie theaters
  • concerts and movies in-house
  • Live music on-site

Communities listen to their residents and design their life enrichment calendar around your preferences so that events match your lifestyle and prove to be enjoyable for everybody.

Get to know your neighbors

Knowing your neighbors is important for everybody, whether you’re in a retirement community or a traditional neighborhood. Developing friendships with those who live close by ensures cheerful greetings in passing, great company during meal times or morning coffee, and somebody to look out for you if you need a cup of sugar or aren’t feeling well.

Seek out adventure (work on your bucket list)

While older adults used to look at retirement communities as a place to go for help with living, they’re now looking to retirement communities as a great place to handle their affairs while they work on their bucket list.

What does this mean? You can continue to have a clean, safe living environment while someone else handles the upkeep of the property, tackles the utility bills and handles the yard care while you do whatever it is that’s on your bucket list.

These are the years of your life that you don’t have to raise babies, work full-time, or keep up with the responsibilities of a home if you don’t want to, so take advantage, be selfish for a change, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Bring things from home

Sometimes the hardest part of transitioning to a new home is having to work toward building the comfort and familiarity you had in your last home. It takes time and intentional effort to make your new home feel as good as your old home. Here are some tips:

  • bring the pieces that are most meaningful to you, like art you acquired on family trips or gifts from loved ones
  • bring the pieces that are most familiar, like your favorite easy chair or the dishes you’ve been using for the last decade
  • create new memories in your new home by sharing your space with loved ones
  • ensure you use family photos in your decor to incorporate relationships and love into your space

Sometimes new residents choose to start fresh and buy new things for their new space and later regret the choice as it creates a more difficult transition. Bring your favorite things and then slowly replace them as you settle in and get comfortable.

Involve your family in your lifestyle; invite them over often

Maintain your close relationships before, during, and after the move without dropping the ball. Most retirement communities allow you to have guests for dinner (at an additional cost) or invite guests to events on the life enrichment calendar and entertaining in your home is always allowed and encouraged.

Additionally, most communities have large rooms that you can book for family gatherings.

Focus on fitness and well-being

One of the greatest advantages of community living is the unmatched access to fitness and wellness resources. In the best communities, this benefit is free to you and includes a state-of-the-art gym with a variety of equipment, a personal trainer, group fitness classes, and wellness seminars. Take full advantage and keep yourself mobile and pain-free so you can do the things you love.

Be honest about the struggle

Let somebody know if the adjustment isn’t going as smoothly as you’d like. Having a team on your side – comprised of friends, family members, the staff, and your healthcare team is important in coping and adjusting throughout the change.

To conclude, moving into a retirement community is more a life goal than an inconvenience for most older adults today as it eases the burdens of home ownership, provides the freedom you want to be “young,” and creates the perfect environment for thriving. But adjustment takes a little effort on your part and ours, and we’re all in. Are you?

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