When you move to a retirement community, you do more than change your address. Contrary to popular beliefs about this type of lifestyle, you also enrich your life as you discover new friends and fun activities. There are a lot of factors that go into deciding which retirement community is right for you. Use this checklist to find the retirement community that’s right for your needs and lifestyle.


With your newfound freedom, you can choose to move anywhere in the country. However, you may want to consider your geographic location carefully as you prepare to enjoy the next chapter in your life to the fullest.

  1. Do you want to live near your family and friends? During your retirement, you get to decide if you live near your family and friends or choose a location that’s further away but offers benefits that support your retirement dreams.
  2. Is the retirement community located in a city you find desirable? Review the city’s website and travel guides and talk to the locals as you get a feel for the city’s culture, activities and population.
  3. Could you live in this climate year round? Choose a location and climate that support your preferred retirement lifestyle all year.


Whether you enjoy gourmet dishes prepared for you or prefer to make your own meals, the right senior community for you offers dining options that meet your culinary preferences and dietary needs.

  • Are dining options/meals included? If the community offers a dining allowance that covers meals, find out if you can use that plan at the restaurant, bar, spa, and wellness center. With a flexible meal plan, you gain access to a greater variety of foods, beverages and dietary services based on your schedule and preferences.
  1. Do you have access to a variety of meal options? Like you enjoy participating in different activities during your free time, check out the dining options to ensure they’re appealing and diverse.
  2. Are your dietary needs met? Maybe your doctor has prescribed a specific diet or you prefer to follow a keto or whole foods eating plan. Make sure your dietary preferences are met in your new retirement community.

Activities and Social Events

Now that you’re retired, you want to enjoy life and participate in a variety of fun activities. You also want to stimulate your body and brain as you have fun, socialize and stay active.

  1. Does the community offer activities that interest you? Maybe you’ve always wanted to swim or add yoga to your daily routine. Investigate all the new and exciting adventures you can enjoy in your new home. The activities offered should also support your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health so that you can achieve the fulfilling life you’ve always dreamed of.
  2. Are planned events offered? While you want to be spontaneous, you also value planned events like book clubs, movie nights, or cooking classes. Does the community have a full time Life Enrichment Coordinator to assist in planning activities?  These planned daily, weekly, and monthly events allow you to enjoy interesting, stimulating, and enriching activities with your new friends and neighbors.
  3. Is transportation provided to events outside of the community? Go shopping, visit the beach and take advantage of local cultural, civic and entertainment events with shuttle or other transportation services.

Health and Wellness

You have plans to enjoy your retirement years, and that means you want to prioritize your health and wellness. When you visit retirement communities, verify that you’ll have access to the health and wellness support you want and need.

  1. Will you achieve optimal living in this community? A vibrant community supports active adults like you who have a zest and passion for life. Visit potential communities and evaluate the people, activities and energy during your visit as you plan to optimize your life.
  2. What amenities support your overall health and wellness? An ideal senior community offers fitness amenities, spiritual services, mental health support, and medical care that allows you to maintain your overall well-being.
  3. Is a wellness plan provided? Plug into a senior living community with an established wellness plan, and you gain instant access to activities that enhance your health, well-being and life.

The Community Itself

In your new home and community, you want to feel welcomed, safe, comfortable, and supported.

  1. Does the living space support your lifestyle? The ideal retirement community will feel like home but better. You’ll get to choose from numerous floor plan options as you customize and afford your new home. Additionally, your home will enhance your life and give you the freedom to do the daily living, hobbies and lifestyle activities you enjoy.
  2. Will you be safe? Make sure there are security protocols, adequate lighting and caring neighbors to protect you and your new home at all times.
  3. Are your family and friends welcome? Ensure your loved ones can visit, participate in activities, and feel welcomed by your community.
  4. Is the staff friendly, supportive, and knowledgeable? Your confidence and peace of mind increase when you know that the community staff value you and will care for and listen to you. As you interact with the staff, get a sense of how they will treat and respond to you, your visitors and others in your community.

Choosing a retirement community signals the start of a new season in your life. Use this checklist to pick the right one for you.

Cambridge Village of Wilmington is the area’s premier resort style retirement community, offering the conveniences and amenities that you’d expect of a luxury independent retirement community. We take a holistic approach to health, treating the whole person and focusing on well-being in every area: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual. Ultimately, we offer a community that makes people feel at home and an environment they can thrive in. Contact Cambridge Village of Wilmington at (910) 239-9500 for more information or schedule a tour today.