Getting older – it’s not for the faint of heart! Just when you think life is finally stable and you’re going to have time to enjoy it, things start changing. Physically and emotionally – it can be overwhelming.

The good news is that there is an option that allows you to let go of the day-to-day concerns of keeping up with a household and offers endless benefits to help you thrive through the changes aging brings. Here are some of the ways community living provides substantial benefit, preventing or accommodating many of those changes, while providing optimal living.

Happiness – the emotional benefits of community living

Alleviates the fear of being a burden

According to a study conducted by GenWorth, more than half of seniors polled were more worried about being a burden to their loved ones than they were about even death itself. While you may have little control over the assistance you need as you age, you do have the ability to age without burdening those you love. Retirement living communities address this immense fear and reduce stress associated with it by providing assistance with activities of daily living, like yard work, housework, and personal care. This prevents the need for loved ones to provide around-the-clock care, to get there immediately in case of emergency, or coordinate third-party service providers.

Improves memory and cognitive function

Statistics show that socialization is key to maintaining memory and cognitive function well into the aged years, but despite it’s importance, opportunities for socialization become fewer as a person ages. As mobility and independence decline, he or she spends more and more time at home, declining invitations to get out and inviting few friends or loved ones into their home.

Retirement living communities like Cambridge Village provide ample opportunity to socialize in nearly anyway a community member feels comfortable, including:

  •         Casual conversation with neighbors
  •         Daily, scheduled game activities
  •         Social hours (happy hour, ice cream socials, live music)
  •         Group outings to local events and performances
  •         Guided discussion on topics of interest

Community living arrangements also often provide many important services through an on-site Medspa, banks, and clinics – to name a few – and offer free use of many comfortable meeting rooms and sitting areas, which can also promote new relationships and interactions.

Offers mood-enhancing activities

Contributing to a household and a community, socializing, spending time outside, and seeing a primary care provider often can improve mood and energy, preventing or alleviating the signs of depression and improving quality of life. Senior living communities step up to the plate in a huge way, by providing all of these benefits in close proximity to home.

Health – the physical benefits of community living

Adequate nutrition

A person’s diet – at any age – has a direct impact on nearly every system in their body. Nutrition is often overlooked when the aging population is at home, because issues like medication management and declining mobility rob the attention themselves. However, nutrition can impact both physical and emotional health and poor nutrition can cause serious physical and emotional consequences that lead to less-than-ideal aging process.

Cambridge Village provides a nutritionist who provides assistance in planning our restaurant menu. Our nutritionist is able to meet one-on-one with residents and their families to discuss ways to improve overall health and wellness.

Good daily nutrition can assist with weight management, mobility, energy, independence, and mood.

Opportunity for physical activity

While many people know that aging can cause a decline in mobility, few know that a decrease in physical activity is a primary contributor to this decline. Low energy levels, lack of help at home, joint stiffness and pain, and a simple lack of opportunity (such as access to a gym or a safe walking path) or encouragement, are just a few of the reasons that people move around less as they get older.

The Center for Optimal Living at Cambridge Village of Wilmington is designed for residents to increase the amount of physical activity they participate in on a daily basis. With up to 30 hours of instructor-led courses that range from water aerobics to yoga and pilates, the Center for Optimal Living is the standard for health and wellness in the Independent Living industry.

Easy access to healthcare providers

At all ages, maintaining wellness requires a close relationship with a wellness-focused primary care provider. However, the natural changes that often accompany age – like the loss of a driver’s license, loss of hearing, or difficulty getting around – can make it harder and harder to stay in touch with the healthcare team and get real-time evaluation and treatment when necessary.

With the PrimeMD offices at Cambridge Village of Wilmington, residents have the ability to have primary care physician appointments without leaving the comforts of their community. The staff at PrimeMD provides an array of services and is also available for members of the Center for Optimal Living, as well as Cambridge Village staff. The PrimeMD office allows residents to have affordable and accessible medical care on-site.

Quicker emergency response

The aging population is innately at higher risk of certain emergencies, such as heart attack or stroke, than they were in years past. In these life-threatening situations, every minute counts. As a matter of fact, survival rates decrease after certain, unforgiving milestones; in most cases, a patient must receive life-saving medications within just one hour of onset of symptoms in order to have the most positive outcome.

Living in a community setting provides an avenue for communication in case of an emergency – usually as simple as the click of a button – and helps the patient in crisis receive help as quickly as possible. Additionally, homes are designed to be wheelchair accessible, which makes it much easier for emergency responders to get in, providing quick intervention on-site, and then get the patient out smoothly and safely.

Cambridge Village of Wilmington is the area’s premier resort style retirement community, offering the conveniences and amenities that you’d expect of a luxury independent retirement community. We take a holistic approach to health, treating the whole person and focusing on well-being in every area: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual. Ultimately, we offer a community that makes people feel at home and an environment they can thrive in. Contact Cambridge Village of Wilmington at (910) 239-9500 for more information or schedule a tour today.

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