Independent Living communities vary in programming and offerings.  Most senior living communities can layer in levels of care for residents during their residency at the community. Concierge Care at Cambridge Village allows residents to receive a scheduled home care, while taking advantage of the community offerings and enjoying their private luxury apartment.

Concierge Care at Cambridge Village

Concierge Care offers scheduled home care services based on an individualized plan of care with 24-7 Homecare Staff by our on-site home care partner. Staff is available for scheduled care connections and emergent situations, meaning that Concierge Care residents can have help whenever they need it, but it is scheduled vs. pressing a button to get help. In case of emergency, unscheduled assistance is available as part of the Concierge Care package. Care Point, a three-point monitoring system is included in Concierge Care so that families can feel comfortable that their loved one has the care and help they need, whenever they need it.

Concierge Care includes the following:

  • A studio or one-bedroom resort-style apartment with a modified kitchen, or a two-bedroom apartment with a full kitchen.
    • Cambridge Village does have a certain amount of FURNISHED studio apartments in Concierge Care
  • Four Dining Options
    • The Eatery Restaurant with a courtyard fountain view
    • A fully stocked pub for residents and their families to enjoy
    • Private Dining for family events
    • Room Service
  • A private hair salon with manicure and pedicure options
  • A private wellness studio with assessment and planning sessions with our on-site Exercise Physiologist

Singles and Couples can take advantage of Concierge Care:

A couple may reside in Concierge Care even if only one of them is using the Concierge assistance. This allows the independent spouse to maintain their health and wellness and retain their role as a spouse versus a full-time caregiver.

A Sample Concierge Care Schedule:

3am: I am concerned about getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I might trip or fall, so I will include a bathroom check on my scheduled care.

8am: My arthritis makes it hard for me to get dressed or I need help pulling on my support stockings, I will schedule help for this.

11am: I would like to go to the wellness studio and would feel more comfortable having someone there to spot me as I am working out.

1:00pm: I would like to attend the painting class, but need someone to encourage me to do so and my family would probably like to have someone rally to get me there.

11:00pm: I would like a night time check in.

An initial schedule might start with 4 to 6 connections and then expand as the needs of the resident expands.

Concierge Care is Designed For…

A resident who has physical limitations but still has the will, fortitude, and ability to live on their own in a supportive environment.

A meeting will be set up with the Concierge Care Administrator to determine the suitability of Concierge Care for a prospective resident. Concierge Care is a self-pay offering.  Residents with Long Term Care (LTC)-insurance that includes homecare, may find that Concierge Care is covered and should check with their LTC insurance carrier.

At less than $100 a day, Concierge Care is the most cost-effective option in Wilmington for a resident to live in a beautiful apartment within a community setting while having a safety net of scheduled services available 24-7.

Cambridge Village of Wilmington is the area’s premier resort style retirement community, offering the conveniences and amenities that you’d expect of a luxury independent retirement community. We take a holistic approach to health, treating the whole person and focusing on well-being in every area: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual. Ultimately, we offer a community that makes people feel at home and an environment they can thrive in. Contact Cambridge Village of Wilmington at (910) 239-9500 for more information or schedule a tour today.

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