Whether you’re considering a move for yourself or a loved one, choosing the right senior living community can seem daunting, and at times, downright overwhelming with the number of options available today. Over the last few decades, retirement living options have not only grown because of the number of baby boomers in the market, but have also evolved due to the changing tastes and desires of this generation. In place of the clinical settings of the past, communities now feature conveniences and amenities that would have only been found in hotels or resorts in the past. The focus of communities has also shifted to helping individuals reach health and happiness through a more active retirement. Cambridge Village of Wilmington is leading the way.

Consider these five important questions when selecting the senior living community that’s right for you.

What are my priorities for living an optimal life?

As you begin to research senior living communities, think about the changing needs that come with each passing year and how they will affect your lifestyle. Consider the activities that you currently enjoy and want to continue. Are there any new hobbies and activities that you’d like to try out? How much do you want to socialize with others? These lifestyle questions are important in creating a vision for your prime years and will help put your priorities in order. When you do sit down to start considering communities, you’ll have a much better idea of what you truly want.

Where is the best location?

Deciding where you want to live is typically the starting point of any move. The community you choose will mean very little if you aren’t happy with its location. Do research on different areas before pinpointing communities and ask yourself a series of questions. Do you wish to be in a warmer climate that will afford you more time outdoors? How important is it to be near friends and family, and how far away is too far? If moving away from your friends and family is a consideration, you’ll want to explore options of how you will stay in touch and visit one another. How do potential communities help to accommodate guests? How convenient and costly will it be to travel or have guests visit?

Many people are drawn to Cambridge Village of Wilmington, North Carolina because of its location. The community is located less than two miles from Wrightsville Beach and is also just a ten-minute drive to Wilmington’s historic riverfront. It’s the perfect balance for those wanting the laid-back beach lifestyle combined with the culture and activities that are more prevalent in large cities. Sidewalk lined streets allow easy access to Mayfaire Town Center, Wilmington’s most popular area for shopping, dining, and entertainment. For making travel easier for yourself or any visiting company, Wilmington’s International Airport is just 15 minutes from the community.

What amenities does the community offer?

A move to any retirement community involves two main decisions: Is this the lifestyle I want? Is this the right place to achieve that lifestyle? You’ll find your answer in whether or not the amenities a community offers support the activities that you enjoy.

At Cambridge Village of Wilmington, health and well­being are the main focus and there are a variety of ways for you to stay healthy and active, physically, socially, mentally, and spiritually. To keep residents active and engaged, residents have access to the Center for Optimal Living, staffed by wellness trainers, exercise physiologists, and therapy specialists, and more. In addition to physical activity, the community also promotes a healthy social life, believing that fellowship and community with others make us live longer and stronger. With this philosophy in mind, there is a full­time Enrichment Director and a variety of social and recreational activities seven days a week. Asking to look at a monthly calendar of events or newsletter will give you even more insight.

What options are there for wellness and local healthcare?

With each year that passes, medical needs tend to become more prevalent for seniors. Instead of considering what your physical needs are today, you’ll want to think about support services you may need in the future. Most senior living communities do not have medical personnel on staff and any care would be from an outside facility. It’s important to make sure any doctors or specialists you see are available in the area and that they are covered under your insurance policy. It’s always a good idea to ask your current doctor if they can make any referrals or recommendations for you. They may even be able to give you some insights on what kind of care you or your parent may need in the future.

Cambridge Village of Wilmington is proud to offer an exclusive physician-led concierge approach to living a healthy lifestyle, with a commitment to providing the resources, knowledge, and support to help you achieve optimal wellness in body, mind, and spirit. Every day brings a new opportunity to challenge yourself to be the best you can be. On­site physician services are just a few of the conveniences you will enjoy on a daily basis. For any additional health care needs, Wilmington is home to New Hanover Regional Medical Center, southeastern North Carolina’s leading provider of patient-­focused, award­winning healthcare services.

What are the total costs?

Stay informed about your costs and what services are covered in the monthly fees. You may find that your utilities, cable, and WiFi are covered, but inquire about any additional services as well. For instance, is the housekeeping covered and how many meals a day are included? All communities are structured differently and while some offer comprehensive bundles or services and amenities, others take a more a la carte approach. At Cambridge Village of Wilmington, many of these features come standard for the community instead of a long list of optional ones. The aim is to enhance the quality of life for the cost of your monthly apartment rental. Reach out today for full transparency on all costs associated with an optimal living experience or to schedule a private tour.

Choosing the right community requires serious consideration, so take your time when evaluating the services, features, and policies offered by those communities. Remember what’s important to you along the way and how a senior living community is more than just a place to live, it’s an opportunity to create the optimal lifestyle you want in your prime years.

Cambridge Village of Wilmington is the area’s premier resort-style retirement community, offering the conveniences and amenities that you’d expect from a luxury independent retirement community. We take a holistic approach to health, treating the whole person and focusing on well­-being in every area: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual. Ultimately, we offer a community that makes people feel at home and an environment they can thrive in.

Contact Cambridge Village of Wilmington at (910) 239­-9500 for more information or schedule a tour today.